Stylish and secure contactless payments

We offer a diverse range of engineered wearable payment devices that give your customers the luxury of convenience and security. We provide an omni-channel user experience to your millennials and Gen Z customers. Trendy enough to make a fashion statement, our payment devices come with a personalized tracker. These devices are compatible with a diverse range of smartphones to enhance user experiences. Give your customers the freedom to make purchases with just a tap.

Innovative products

With a passion for innovation and excellence, we strive to create products that exceed customer expectations. Our dedicated research and development team invests in the latest technology and projects to deliver unique products as per our client's requirements.

Smart Keyrings

Convenience is the key

Elevate your brand with our premium customizable keyrings crafted from a durable and diverse range of materials, including leather, silicone, plastic, and polyurethane. Choose from a wide selection of materials, colours, and designs to offer your customers sleek, sophisticated payment keyrings with flawless function and impeccable style.

Ceramic Rings

High-quality and stylish

Make convenient payments with our high-quality, waterproof ceramic payment rings. Available in multiple sizes, our innovative rings put purchasing power at your customer's fingertips. A stylish accessory with integrated payment technology is waterproof, hypoallergenic, and made of premium materials. Give your customers the future of payments wrapped elegantly around their fingers.

Silicone Bands

Easy and customized payment experience

We offer customized smart bands with on-the-go transactions that are durable and comfortable for all-day wear. Experience payments - fast, easy, and always at your fingertips. Our waterproof payment bands allow customers a seamless payment experience during events, theme parks, beaches, or any outdoor activities.

Smart Watches

Stylish and secure

Our turnkey smartwatch solution empowers your customers with a seamless payment experience. It comes with an embedded battery-less payment chip where the user can make secure contactless payments even when their smartwatch runs out of power.

Analog Watches

Customized payment-enabled timepieces

We offer unique and modern analog watches with customized payment capabilities to provide a superior customer experience. Each device enables a contactless payment experience and elevates your brand presence.

Fit Bands

Easy and lightweight payment experience

Our payment-enabled fitness tracker provides a secure and convenient solution to your customers. User can simply tap to pay, eliminating the need to carry their wallet or smartphone. The payment-enabled fitness tracker is easy to use and ensures customers have a hassle-free experience when making purchases.

Contactless convenience

Make payments on the go with our contactless wearables accessories that are smart enough to offer convenience and bold enough to make a fashion statement.