Delivering world-class quality with excellence! Our robust and industry proven card manufacturing capabilities make us a preferred partner for government initiatives around the world. Our customers and partners rely on us for end-to-end card management journey, right from creation, design, manufacturing, production, and delivery to the end customer. From local to global, we are equipped with a large infrastructure, seamless production capacity, and highly secured technology infrastructure to offer best-in-class services.

Top-quality and highly secure government cards

We have mastery in producing cards for large government projects with high-end security features and advanced technology to ensure citizens get a world-class product. We follow stringent measures to provide an environment to ensure there is no breach or compromise of data, thus providing a highly secure environment to keep customer's privacy intact. We are helping governments across the globe with different kinds of cards including National Identity Card, Driving License, EPIC Cards (Election Commission of India), National Population Registry Cards (NPR), Citizen Cards, and more.

Our polycarbonate card range

Epic Card

Driving Licence Card

Women Welfare Card

National Identity Card

Resident Identity Card

QR Based Ration Card