Instant issuance

Increase customer delight with instant personalized card issuance

Transforming banking with instant issuance

Welcome to the modern era of banking! As a part of their business expansion strategy, financial institutions around the world now offer instant issuance services to their customers. Moreover, other services such as account opening, statement printing, internet banking, and other digital services can be availed through digital banking kiosks.

Our product range

We aim to power the government's vision of a financially inclusive India. We collaborate closely with banks, serving as their preferred partner for leading public and private sector banks in India and large global institutions. Our Instant Issuance is your key to elevating cardholder experiences, boosting activation, and distinguishing your institution. This service isn't just a luxury; it's a competitive necessity.

Streamlined process

Our state-of-the-art card issuance technology seamlessly integrates with banks infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition to this enhanced service. With our expert guidance, you can optimize your card issuance processes to deliver outstanding service while managing costs effectively

Personalization and activation

Instant card issuance isn't just about speed; it's also about the personal touch. Our technology allows banks to personalize cards with customers' names and account information. Cards are instantly activated, ensuring that customers can use their cards immediately.

Security and compliance

Our instant card issuance solutions are built with the utmost attention to security and compliance. We prioritize data protection and follow industry best practices to safeguard customer information throughout the card issuance process.

Benefits of offering instant card issuance solutions

Flexible/on-demand card issuance

Reduced mailing costs

Increased customer engagement

Higher activation

Fraud reduction

Provide 24/7 digital banking service to your customer with MCT!!

MCT's smart banking kiosks empower banks with high-quality self-service options. From instant account opening to personalized debit cards and more, customers enjoy paperless, tech-driven services in just 10 minutes.